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My name is Guido Körfer.




The search for understanding and orientation is omnipresent in our VUCA world (Volatile – Unpredictable – Complex – Ambivalent). Ongoing digitalization, acceleration and a flood of information and data offer us new options for action every day, but often less knowledge and clarity. This complexity influences people in their work in companies. This is often about fear. Fear of change, instability and the associated excessive demands.

I would like to resolve this confusion and develop options for action. Together with the people involved.

We are all part of systems. Therefore, as a systemic consultant and change coach, I always look at the individual with their background, their goals, their challenges and their individual resources, i.e. development opportunities. This view corresponds to the humanistic view of man and a solution-oriented attitude.



As a systemic consultant and change coach I am a companion and enabler for companies and their teams.

With my 25 years of experience in international marketing agencies, including six years as managing director and through my consulting work for national and international companies, I offer my clients an unobstructed view from the outside and the ability to quickly grasp and reflect on facts.

I am always interested in face-to-face discussions. I perceive people in organizations with their individual problems and challenges with empathy and respect and develop solutions together with them. These ways are never predetermined paths, but always individual help for self-help to develop self-efficacy.

After an in-depth analysis, it is usually about planning and implementing the necessary change and transformation processes. This includes breaking down silo thinking and working, defining areas of responsibility and communicating with all relevant stakeholders.



Companies can only survive in the long term if they continue to develop. The aim of organizational development is to permanently increase the flexibility and performance of an organization by considering the needs and characteristics of people who are the key performers in an organization.

Organizational development is also a key innovation driver and a variety of methods are used: from problem diagnosis to idea development to moderation or intervention. These methods aim to determine the need for cultural change and to develop overarching solutions.

In my work, it is important to me recognizing existing communication disorders and distortions of perception at an early stage and to use tools to engage in self-reflection and finding solutions.

As as sytemic consultant I offer the following services:

  • Transformation Consulting and Management
  • Communications Consulting
  • New Work Advice
  • Creativity Techniques
  • Agile Coaching
  • Individual and Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Talent Management
  • Stakeholder Management


Feel free to contact me to receive your individual offer. You can find more information in the MY SERVICES section.


About me

Degree in business administration from the University of Cologne

Systemic consultant and change coach, INeKO/University of Cologne

Executive Education/Leadership Program, University of Philadelphia

Specialist for marketing communication, WAK Cologne

25 years of experience as a manager in agencies and on the industrial side, including six years as managing director of marketing agencies with up to 150 employees

Marketing communications consultant for national and international clients

Developer of organizations, mentor and communicator



Transformation Consulting and Management

Change is the only chance to transform and develop companies. Here I offer all the necessary phases: from analysis and planning to implementation and transfer. It is important to make all those affected involved in order to reduce resistance at an early stage and to create a willingness to support.


Communication Consulting

The recipient decides on the interpretation of the message. This sentence is well known and true. Therefore, messaging is crucial in a transformational process. As a long-standing expert in the field of marketing communication, I bring knowledge and experience to provide all stakeholders involved with knowledge and content.


New Work Advice

Due to increasing market dynamics, companies have to be more agile, flexible and versatile in order to be successful in the long term. My aim here is to analyze the condition and potential of a company with regard to new working methods. It is always important: Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory. Agility and New Work are not the only saviors. Rather, tailor-made concepts and implementations are required. Appropriate to the context and based on the individual company purpose.


Creativity Techniques

I train creativity techniques for different tasks. Thanks to my many years of work in agencies, I have gained experience here in various tasks. From the product idea to campaigns to innovation processes, I have successfully used numerous methods myself with teams, including mind mapping, brainstorming, 6-3-5 method, Disney method or SCAMPER.


Agile Coaching

In agile coaching I offer a wide range of services: from teaching the basics to the application of agile methods (e.g. business model canvas, design thinking, and much more). Here I always illuminate the cultural context in the company and the behavior of teams and managers.


Individual and Executive Coaching

Employees and managers are faced with high demands. This relates to their own role and the various stakeholders to which they are accountable. This often creates conflict and uncertainty. Here I work as a systemic coach with my clients on a better understanding and further development of their role, their behavior and their leadership style. The focus here is on one’s own basic attitude, personal drivers and the value construct. The aim of the work is to create individual strategies for mastering personal challenges.


Team Coaching

Teams are connected systems. As a systemic coach I work in an appreciative and solution-oriented manner on the development of competencies and skills in the team. To do this, dynamics must be understood and conflicts identified. I accompany my clients in finding roles, improving team communication, conflict resolution, new beginnings and reorganization and increasing team performance through process optimization (including the use of software tools).


Talent Management

In these times, identifying, attracting, retaining and developing qualified employees is essential to business thinking. It is about filling relevant positions in a company promptly, long-term and with the right people. Here I help with my experience as a leader in the areas of employer branding, personnel management and mentoring.


Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder management serves to identify the needs of all involved and to take them into account in corporate management or a project in order to prevent disruptions in the process. Here I offer all areas: from analysis and planning to management and evaluation.


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